UNEN iPhone Charger[Apple MFi Certified]5Pack[3/3/6/6/10ft]Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Compatible iPhone12/11Pro Max/11Pro/11/XS/8 More-Black&Blue

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  • ★【Fast Charging】 High-quality four-core copper wires enhance charging & data transfer speed of the iphone charging cables. Built-In MFi Certified Chipset ensures a faster charging time while keeping your device completely safe.
  • ★【Durability】Nylon braided thread is tightly woven.Reinforced stress points with a 8000+ bend lifespan make Power Line many times more durable than iphone lightning cables else on the market. The iphone charger is easy to sort out,not to knot or tangle.
  • ★【Superb Performance】iPhone charging cord with anti-resistant aluminum alloy connectors, thickened copper wiring inside our iphone charging cables, 100% compatibility to transmit data stably and fast charging without error message.
  • ★【Compatibility】iPhone charger compatible with iPhone 12/11Pro Max/11Pro/11/XS/iPhone Max/iPhone XR/iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 8/iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 7/iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone 6s/iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6/iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c/iPhone 5/iPad Pro/iPad Air/Air 2/iPad mini/mini 2/mini 4/iPad 4th gen/iPod Touch 5th gen/ iPod.Each lightning cable was updated to match the iphone system.
  • ★【What You Get】5 pack Mfi Certified iPhone charging cables in assorted lengths (3/3/6/6/10FT).Replace your iPhone accessories cables or add another iPhone cord for home,work or travel.


<p><b>Today’s brand “UNEN” has grown into a leading brand in the iphone charger industry. Hundreds of millions of fans love and high-quality cables have made today’s Brilliant!<b><p> Color:Black and Blue<br> <p><b>♦High quality nylon braided lightning cable<b>: <b> The connector heads have good resistance to heat and corrosion, you’ll see no signs of use. Even after a long time, they just keep their original appearance-still brand new and fashionable.<p> <p><b> ♦Ultra-durable</b>: <br> Aluminum shell and tangle-free nylon braided jacket build the lightning cable more sturdy, it is flexible pull-resistant, softer, lighter, more durable than original device cables. Feature tangle-free nylon braided USB cable with aluminum connector has a stronger and flexible nylon material is stress and stretch resistant and protects against day-to-day wear and tear.</p> <p><b>♦Fast charge &data transmission</b>:<br> Compact gold tipped connections offer the best possible conductivity and connection for data and charging. Fits easily and securely into your device, while fitting most cases. <br></p> <p><b>♦Proper length</b>: <br> 5Pack 3FT 3FT 6FT 6FT 10FT nylon braided cables.<br> The lightning cable is ideal for varied occasions, you can still use your devices while charging with an adapter in your bedroom, kitchen, and at the backseat of your car. Comfortable and convenient experience no more annoying messages, no constant reminder in the phone screen telling you the frustrating truth that the cable cannot charge your favorite device. </p> <p><b>♦Compatibility</b>: <br> −iPhone 11/Pro/Max −iPhone Xs/Max/X/XR<br> −iPhone 8/8 Plus<br> −iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus<br> −iPhone 6s plus/6s/6 plus /6<br> −iPad Air /Air 2<br> −iPad Pro<br> −iPad mini /mini 2/mini 3/mini 4<br> −iPod nano (7th generation)/iPod touch (5th generation)<br> <p><b>♦After-sales service</b>:<br> Every sale includes an 12-month, worry-free After-sales service to prove the importance we set on quality.<br></p>

10491 reviews for UNEN iPhone Charger[Apple MFi Certified]5Pack[3/3/6/6/10ft]Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Compatible iPhone12/11Pro Max/11Pro/11/XS/8 More-Black&Blue

  1. Kristin Rosenberry

    I’m hoping these will last longer than the other beans that I’ve purchased in the past and broke after one month of using them.

  2. Sarai Ruff

    Most of the cords worked for a few weeks. For one cord, the braiding came undone at the connection. For two others, the connection kept going in and out. The cord had to be bent in a specific way in order for it to charge. The different length offerings are great; I just wish they held up better for longer.

  3. Christy Yeung

    The products look very cool and they work! I am satisfied with the price and how they work out.

  4. Randy Melton

    Is very nice and works very well

  5. Kaitlyn Jackson

    I’ve only used the chargers for a few days. But so far they seem great! Love the multiple lengths options!

  6. Lity Amaz

    Seems to be a good price and looks durable

  7. Steve Hallarn

    I am impressed with quality f the product

  8. Trey Coriston

    So far all cables are working and charging as they are intended. Seem to be very good quality.

  9. Kelly Stillman

    Like the design and multiple sizes. Solves lots of issues in our family of switching from room to room and car to car!

  10. Kahder Saber

    Love it. So far they’re great quality and length variations are great. Need one for portable charger, regular, and hard to reach areas

  11. Kristina Greene

    I just received the package today so we can’t give an honest review on the product working but i love that there are 5 cords in various sizes. It keeps us from fighting over the 1 long one we have now.

  12. Judy Mcgraw

    I like the variety pack of lengths and pricing

  13. Steve Chambliss

    Seems to be good quality. Time will tell .

  14. Ryan Hill

    It’s nice, I like the various lengths. One thing I don’t like that could be improved is it doesn’t fit into my phone as snug as the factory charger and falls out easily.


    They seem like strong and durable wires

  16. Jesse Charney

    Very durable. My whole family likes then

  17. Taylor Warren

    The chargers are well made & sturdy. I like that they come in different size options, so I always have one that will reach.

  18. Kelli O’Rourke

    I like the durability of the cable.

  19. James Quinlan

    Just in the past week I have found these lightning cables to be very strong, durable and wrll made. They definitely are holding up quite well to use by teenagers!

  20. May Lee

    Good quality. Reasonable price,

  21. Larry Partida

    Very good product for the price and great lengths for the chargers

  22. Ron Mcduffie

    You get what you pay for . Works as advertised. Inexpensive cheap easily replaced. Low cost product

  23. Humberto Corrales

    So far great in all ways, it has last for a good minute.

  24. Sri

    Its good , working well so far

  25. Mellisa Carvalho

    This charger is the best charger and at a great price

  26. Abdala

    I bought this product from Amazon and the sole reason for me purchasing this product was because of the reviews. I needed a new charger because my old ones tend to go bad after a couple months. I am hoping this lasts me longer.

  27. Carissa Love

    Great charger works as it should!

  28. Sarah Anderson

    I really like the durability of the nylon cord. They are great for any setting. I use the 3 for when at my desk, the 6ft for charging at night, and the 10 ft for when I forget to charge it and the nearest plug is far away.

  29. Dustin Seay

    Great value on these charging cords.

  30. Jaime morgan

    Love the color & length options. Also the function of the cords works great.

  31. Peter Demarest

    I bought this item in Dec 2020 and one of the 3′ cables is no longer working.

  32. Raymond Baczynski

    Seems very strong and sturdy. Love the color.

  33. Alex Batista

    By now I feel about phone charging cables the same way I feel about Christmas lights; I have now accepted the facts that they will stop working after a few months and that I will have to replace them with new ones a couple of times a year (no matter how much I pay for the cable). Obviously “dollar store cables” will break way faster, so I always go to Amazon to buy somewhat decent cables. Your product looks nice and I hope it will give me more than a year worth. I do love the fact that you seem to care about your clients and that you offer some sort of a warranty and a free gift, I think that puts you well above anyone else I’ve ever bought from!

  34. Zoey Soberano

    This product is awesome! It hasn’t broke or anything , I’ve had it for over a month

  35. Eliza Carrillo

    Great product! Like to always have extra.

  36. Alyssa Duncan

    So far seems to hold up well. I seem to be hard on chargers so the braided cord is nice.

  37. Chantrice Cade

    The product is convenient and useful etc however the cords are fragile & easily creates a short.

  38. Karen Jerardi Beck

    Just got it.
    Trying to activate lifetime service

  39. Milena Damyanova

    Pretty good quality for the price

  40. Daniel Magallanez

    Works great so far… Like the color choices

  41. Joseph Campbell

    Product is durable and work great. I really like having the long cables.

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